Our dynamic team is the backbone of our college. They are welcoming, driven and passionate in their work. They will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your time with BH Technical College is one of the best experiences of your life.

College Manager [Bruce Hamusonde]

Mr Hamusonde makes sure that everything runs smoothly on the campus. From supervising day to day functions to facilitating with smooth administration of classes as well as practical workshops. He is in charge of coordinating the different departments and ensuring that safety regulations are implemented on campus. He has strong interpersonal skills, communication skills, decision making skills as well as problem solving skills. With his strong leadership skills, he is definitely an asset to our college. 

Senior Lecturer [Mr Lutangu ]

Our in house specialist. Mr Lutangu is very well educated in automative functions and technicalities. his specialities include practical assessments, compiling engaging coursework that is informative and in line with current automotive practices. His interest in transferring industry knowledge ongoing research, increasing diversity and student engagement and make Mr Lutangu a true pioneer in our college.

Lecturer [Mr Siabuntele]

Mr Siabuntele is a dynamic and driven teacher. He is an academic expert in  automotive engineering. He is a committed researcher and compiles informative lesson plans that are easy to comprehend and implement. Furthermore, he is dedicate in preparing and marking student assignments, coursework and providing one-on-one feedback on academic performance where needed. He encourages personal development of each student that he encounters. Whether it’s conducting tutorial sessions, seminars or practical classes,  your academic excellence will always come first with Mr Siabuntele. 

Office Secretary  [Mrs Chilemu]

Mrs Chilemu is outgoing and vibrant and maintains the smooth running of our offices at BH Technical  college. She skilfully handles all the clerical duties and administrative tasks. She is professional and enjoys keeping the office well organized. She is equipped with skills to maintaining an office environment that is warm and friendly as well as  conducive for running the college smoothly and successfully. In addition she has excellent communication skills and superb customer service and interacts well with people that she meets on a day to day basis.  Whatever you need to get started at BH Technical  Mrs Chilemu will be there to guide you, step by st