We offer various courses in Automotive Mechanics and Auto-Electrical on long and short term basis. BH Technical college is accredited with TEVETA(Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority) and offers valid certification.

Craft Certificate: Duration – 2 years . the first year of this course focuses on safety and engine systems. the second year’s study focus on chassis system. craft certificate courses include Automotive Mechanics, Power Electrical

Entry qualifications: G12 certificate with minimum of credits in English, Mathematics and Science.

Trade Test Certificate: Duration – 1 year. The course focuses on safety and engine systems incorporating classwork and practicals.

Entry Qualifications: G12 certificate for trade test level 1 and G9 certificate for trade test level II.

Short Courses in Mechanics, Auto-electrical, Diesel Injection Pumps & Injectors, Automotive Mechanics for Drivers, Entrepreneurship, Computers, Communications skills and more. Duration – 2 weeks-3 months