Welcome to BH Technical College

We are a technical college offering different courses that will prepare you for an exciting and excellent paying career as a Diesel Mechanic, an Auto-motive mechanic and an Auto Electrical Mechanic. Founded in 1996 BH Technical College is well established and has been producing qualified mechanics for over 20 years. Vision The vision gives the college a specific focus and direction in its operations and in order to achieve its intended purpose. Our vision statement is “To Provide Excellence In The Automotive Training industry”. Mission BH Technical College has a mission to accomplish in our society. This mission tells why […]

Why Us

Why Us? BH Technical College offers facilities that make learning simple, effective and interactive. Our facilities include classrooms that are well ventilated and big enough for teaching and learning purposes. Your safety comes first at our institution we have safety rules in place as well as all the necessary equipment to ensure that the learning experience is the best one for you!  We also have a library that is well stocked with books to broaden your learning experience, In addition we also have a workshop to carry out the practical aspect of the courses.Our courses are designed to prepare you […]