We are a technical college offering different courses that will prepare you for an exciting and excellent paying career as a Diesel Mechanic, an Auto-motive mechanic and an Auto Electrical Mechanic. Founded in 1996 BH Technical College is well established and has been producing qualified mechanics for over 20 years.


The vision gives the college a specific focus and direction in its operations and in order to achieve its intended purpose. Our vision statement is “To Provide Excellence In The Automotive Training industry”.


BH Technical College has a mission to accomplish in our society. This mission tells why the college exists and how it can fit and contribute positively within our industrial context. Our mission statement says “To train, equip and produce a workforce that is able to fit in our industries with competence”.The aim is therefore to train by giving the right knowledge and skills to ensure they fit and meet technological demand of the changing environment.   

We look forward to welcoming you to our institution!